Putin’s Other Puppets

I believe I remember this article:)

The Democratic Road

The name Bernie Sanders did not appear on the ballot as a candidate for President in any state during the 2016 general election. Still, a large share of the blame for this disaster that is the current administration lies squarely on his shoulders, on the Bernie or Bust movement, and on the foreign support that kept his campaign alive for far too long driving voters away from Hillary Clinton. The evidence is clear that Sanders and Stein became the Ralph Nader’s of 2016, peeling off just enough votes from the Democratic candidate to hand the presidency to yet another Republican who lost the popular vote. They were used as Putin’s other puppets.

There are many hard core Sanders supporters still refusing to accept responsibility for what they have done. Susan Sarandon, the notorious supporter of spoiler candidates past, such as the aforementioned Ralph Nader, is one of them. Long before the…

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